Pictures of our work

16 shower heads added in this 5′ x 7′ area includes rain heads, body sprayers and handheld options all digitally controlled and it has a steam room option.
Digital valves for one touch steam or shower head and temperature controls.
Spacious floating double vanity with marble bowls
Heated towel rack sanitizes your towels between uses preventing bacteria growth by 90% this will lessen laundry loads & it reduces your carbon footprint
This Moen Flo valve can protect your home from water damage. The device learns your water usage and will notify you of anything unusual, it will send you a notification to your phone and unless you respond to it, it will shutoff the water at the main. Many insurance companies will offer a discount for installing this easy to use device.
This Numi toilet is fully automated with an open/close & flush feature, heated seat, heated feet, lighting, UV light in bowl sanitizes and music am/fm or you can connect your phone for your favorite playlist.
Gorgeous double vanity with granite countertop
Sleek modern floating vanity with back lighting
Beautiful drop in deep soaker tubs
Classic free standing tubs
Digital shower valves are compact and controls which shower head you want on and your preferred temperature with just a push of a button
Walk in showers make it easier to get in and out
Multiple shower heads and body sprayers help you unwind after a long day and very easy to use with the digital valve control
Notice the troth drain on this walk in shower instead of the standard hole in the center of your shower
This shower tower has rain head, hand held and body sprayers
We specialize in custom builds check out this wood barrel sink
Let us help you explore your creativity!
Here is a beer keg repurposed into a urinal… The irony 🙂
Cute cozy use of space
Manual diverter changes shower output
Wall mounted hardware for a unique look